uPrecisionMic is a USB C connected precision test and measurement microphone that meets ANSI and IEC electrical and acoustic Class 1 standards. It works with Windows PCs, Apple Macs, Android devices, and iPad (using the Camera Connection Kit).

uPrecisionMic is factory calibrated to +/-0.1dB using a NIST traceable pressure-compensated calibrator. The calibration factor for both high and low ranges are recording on the factory calibration card in dBFS, so that application software can be calibrated to provide an absolute SPL level.

The uPrecisionMic body is built of beautifully finished nickel-plated solid bronze tubing that is threaded to accept a standard 1/2” microphone capsule.

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Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 10.5 × 7.75 × 2.75 in
Connection Type

Lightning, USB