Internet Dealers*


AudioControl products purchased from unauthorized resellers carry no warranty from AudioControl, regardless of any claims made by the seller. We have no way of determining whether these products are used, refurbished, counterfeit, stolen or otherwise compromised. We strongly advise our customers to always purchase from an authorized AudioControl dealer or internet retailer listed on our website or ‘store locator’. Not only will you get the product you expect, but also our full factory warranty.

With AudioControl products, the importance of quality system design and installation advice/service is paramount. Your local AudioControl retailers have made a commitment to provide the highest quality of advice and service required to optimize the best performance from our products. We encourage you to support your local, authorized brick-and-mortar AudioControl retailer.

If you prefer to purchase online, AudioControl has carefully selected authorized internet retailers who meet our high standards of service. In the US, you can also buy AudioControl products direct from our website. When buying from our site, your products will be fulfilled directly from an authorized AudioControl Dealer or AudioControl directly.

We are aware of non-authorized parties selling AudioControl products on Amazon® and eBay.
 Please note that AudioControl will not honor its warranty for any products sold on Amazon®, eBay, or other websites by Non-Authorized Resellers.