Product Registration

People are scared of warranties. Lots of fine print, months of waiting around, 800 numbers that don’t work and voice mail instead of people. Well, fear no more, as AudioControl’s warranty is designed to make you rave about us to your peers while resisting the temptation to have your friend, “who’s good with electronics”, try to repair your AudioControl product.

The specific warranty for each product is listed in their respective owner’s manual but the main points require you to, (1) purchase your AudioControl product from an authorized dealer, (2) do not remove the serial number and (3) register your product with us directly. You will also want to keep your receipt in the rare event you do need to send your product in for service.

To officially register your AudioControl product, complete the boxes below and PLEASE feel free to include your comments as we love hearing from our customers. A serial number is required to register your product(s).