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Microphone Input Setup: CM Series 70 volt amplifiers.

The CM Series 70 Volt amplifiers can be setup for use with a microphone for paging applications.

The Channel 1-2 analog input connector is used for the microphone connection.

Connect the three wires of your XLR microphone – hot to “+”, neutral to “-“, ground to the ground terminals.

Press the 1-2 MODE button so it is in the “Mic” position (pressed in).

After you have connected the microphone then the next step is to log into the CM amplifiers web UI and open the settings menu by clicking on the gear icon in the upper right corner. Open the SDS (Signal Detection Switch) tab > select Input 1 – 2 > select the Zone Outputs you want to use for paging > adjust the SDS volume for each zone. The SDS volume adjustment determines how loud the announcement will be. When the SDS input is activated, any audio that was playing will be muted until the announcement is complete.

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