The best just got better—new firmware is easier to navigate and includes powerful new features that enable integrators to provide the finest sound quality for every entertainment application, even in the most challenging spaces

Seattle, WA, September 9th, 2020 – AudioControl ( has introduced the Director 2.0 firmware that adds exciting features and an easier-to-navigate graphical user interface (GUI) for their complete line of Director Series and RS Series DSP amplifiers. The new 2.0 firmware adds important functionality and improves efficiency for integrators, enabling them to deliver the best entertainment systems for every client. AudioControl was the first manufacturer to offer DSP-based amplifiers with network connectivity starting in 2005.

Integrators will appreciate that the new user experience offers a clean look, providing easy accessibility to all features from a single page. The new GUI is also a responsive web page, making it easy to view on a variety of devices and screen sizes from phones and tablets to computers. The new interface is compatible with Apple and PC computer platforms as well as both iOS and Android mobile devices.

SDS Priority Input

The innovative SDS switching (Signal Detecting Switch) enables users to seamlessly interact with the highly popular smart doorbell devices, command prompts from voice assistants and other devices, seamlessly muting entertainment content until the event has passed. The SDS feature can be programmed to operate in any number of audio zones throughout the home. This feature represents an opportunity for integrators to provide added value with useful smart home functionality when installing a multi-zone entertainment system for their clients.

Enhanced DSP Features and Capabilities

Along with creating a GUI that is easier and more efficient to navigate on any device, AudioControl has added six additional parametric EQs for enhanced system tuning capability, channel metering for visual confirmation of signal levels (at the amplifier’s output stage) and a touch-sensitive webpage, enabling full system configuration from a phone, tablet or other touch-enabled devices. To simplify system tuning, AudioControl has included a pink noise generator available for all channels that is built-in to the software, enabling integrators to use the AudioControl Mobile Tools App or the award-winning DM-RTA to more efficiently calibrate their systems. Integrators will also have easy access to the Sound Partners DSP profiles for industry-leading architectural loudspeakers that optimize performance for every system at the touch of a button.

The Director Firmware Availability

The Director 2.0 firmware will be available for all current Director and RS Series Models in August, 2020 and will specifically upgrade the M6800, M6400, M4800, M4840, D2800, D4600 and RS Series models. In addition, dealers can update current models by downloading this firmware from the AudioControl website.

Always There for Integrators with the Finest Solutions Available

AudioControl has a 40-plus year history of creating award-winning Made in USA products for integrators and backing them up with superior customer service as well as a 5-year warranty. Engineered and manufactured in the Pacific Northwest, AudioControl’s impressive array of network-connected amplifiers featuring the new, easy-to-use GUI are another example of a best-in-class, innovative product design from AudioControl.

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AudioControl is a leading designer and manufacturer of innovative high-performance audio solutions for the residential, commercial, and automotive markets since 1977. Based in Seattle, WA, AudioControl offers premium quality home theater and whole-house entertainment products, distributed audio amplifiers for commercial applications and a legacy of outstanding car audio processors, amplifiers and OEM interface solutions sold and installed worldwide by qualified professionals. For more information visit or contact AudioControl at +1 425-775-8461 or email

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