Calibrated Measurement Microphone Kit

The CM-125 consists of the MA-20 mic carrying bag, mounting clip, and windscreen plus the CM-25 individually calibrated everyday measurement microphone. The CM-25 is the CM-20 ¼” back electret, omni-directional microphone individually calibrated with a provided file in FRD format with one-third octave measurement points from 5 Hz to 25 kHz. The file comes on a serialized USB memory stick for convenience.  

Everyday Measurement Microphone

An excellent everyday, budget measurement microphone with commendable frequency response for its price. The CM-20 is a ¼" back electret condenser microphone with omni-direction pickup, phantom powered and XLR connector. Rugged construction is part of its appeal. At this price, now you can afford to have a spare.

Everyday Measurement Microphone Kit

Combined with the CM-20, everyday budget measurement microphone, is the MA-20 mic carrying bag, mounting clip and windscreen to form the CM-120. This is a quality package at a great price.

Instrumentation Microphone
C-550 H
 A precision omnidirectional measurement microphone by Josephson Engineering that is thermally conditioned for stability and manufactured in California. These mics are matched for sensitivity at the Josephson facility. The nose diameter fits nominal ½" calibrators perfectly. This is an excellent product and a great value for an instrumentation microphone.

Replacement Microphone
Replacement calibrated microphone for all models of the SA-305X and the Iasys. Models include the SA-3050, SA-3050A, SA-3051, SA-3052, SA-3055, Iasys and Iasys HT. This is a back electret measurement microphone with calibrated internal preamp. Microphones may be interchanged with different analyzer units. Maximum SPL is 135 dB. Ships complete with 20 foot XLR mic cable and zippered storage bag.
Ultimate Measurement Microphone

Type 1, very low noise, omni-directional, electret condenser microphone. Diaphram is 1/2" nickel-copper alloy. Comes with shock mount and wood storage case. A great recording as well as measurement microphone.