Stand Alone 
Real Time Analyzer SA-3052

One-Third Octave Real Time Audio Analyzer

  • Same Features as The SA-3051 Plus...
  • Internal Battery Pack with Intelligent Charger
  • Parallel Printer Port for Hard Copy and Documentation
  • Soft Carrying Case with Storage for Mikes and Cables
  • Never Loses Memories or Programming
  • Optional Accessories:  A-C Weighting Filter
Acoustic Analyzer Iasys®

System Set-up Tool

Answers For . . .

  • Crossover Frequency
  • Crossover Levels
  • Limiter Settings
  • Programmable Sweep / Sine / Noise
  • System Polarity
  • Delay Times
  • Frequency Response
Iasys® HT with HT-100 Home Theater Analyzer

Home Theater Analyzer

  • Electro-Acoustic Analyzer and Interface for the Calibration of Multi-Channel Home Theater Systems
  • Measures and Provides Data in Establishing Frequency Response, Delay Distances, Equalizable Spectra, Coherence, Polarity, Compression, and Limiting
  • Programmable Sweep, Sine, and Pink Noise Generators
  • Includes HT-100 Audio Signal Router 
  • Patented