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Your Theater, Your Personality 

     Advancing technology has transformed home theater installations from a simple electrical job to a sophisticated collaboration of science and art. Just as you take your car to a mechanic to maximize the performance, you should put the design and installation of your performance home theater into the hands of a Certified Installation Technician.
     Like any other room in which you entertain, your home theater should be relaxing and comfortable. With so many options, you can transform your home theater from a tired viewing room to a delightful escape for you and your loved ones.
     Select seating that you can lose yourself in. Use colors that add life to the space without causing distraction. Tailor the environment for entertaining guests or relaxing with the family.
     Keep your decorating ideas from ruining the theatrical experience by introducing your decorator to your Certified Installation Technician. Together, they will provide you with a fantastic home theater whether the movie is on or off.
     Find a certified AudioControl home theater expert by visiting our dealer locator.

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