New Software Provides Faster Theater Calibration Answers

New Software Provides Faster Theater Calibration Answers
Iasys® HT version 3.6 software reduces acoustic test time by half

Mountlake Terrace, WA – Acoustic Technician’s and Theater Calibrator’s work is simplified with AudioControl’s release of Version 3.6 software for their patented Iasys® HT Acoustic Analyzer. The new software performs full bandwidth tests, automatically, nearly twice as fast as previous versions. Users can expect the answers to their acoustic questions much quicker than before.

Version 3.6 software enables the Iasys® HT to run the full-bandwidth test associated with Delay Measurements, Coherence/Phase Alignment, and Equalizable Spectra tests nearly twice as fast as previous versions. This time saving will be strikingly apparent to users, especially when working with multi-channel systems, like home theater environments, and testing up to 8 speakers.

"The Iasys® HT has the unique ability to measure speaker location in a room to within one-sixteenth of an inch," proclaims AudioControl President Tom Walker. "With this new software version, those tests are even faster and more useful."

Premier pro sound technicians and theater calibrators recognize Iasys® HT as the most sophisticated pieces of analysis equipment that are simple enough for their brother-in-law to operate. Patented test procedures and fuzzy logic circuits wade through the data to provide the following answers:

  • Delay Measurement & Setting
  • Checking Acoustic Polarity
  • Channel Gain Levels
  • Coherence/Phase Alignment
  • Equalizable Spectra
  • Limiter Setting & Verification
  • Room RT 60
  • Coherence Graphs

Iasys® HT units will begin shipping with the Version 3.6 software October 1, 2006. Owners of previous versions are encouraged to upgrade their software to version 3.6 by contacting AudioControl directly. Authorized AudioControl dealers can purchase the upgrade for $135.00 U.S., $245.00 U.S. for non-dealers.

AudioControl is a U.S. designer and manufacturer of highest-quality home and car audio components, committed to the pursuit of perfect audio systems. The company’s headquarters, including research and development, manufacturing, production, and training facilities are located in Washington, in the heart of the rainforest of the Pacific Northwest.

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