iAudioInterface2 (30 Pin)

Plugs Directly into iOS Device
For iOS products with 30 pin connector

A state of the art microphone preamp made for Apple iOS devices. With 48v phantom power for a microphone, a balanced line input, very low noise, and precision A/D conversion, this is the perfect measurement oriented preamp. Add to this an internal Li-ion battery, balanced line output, plus a Toslink output and you have a product with limitless uses.

Use your existing measurement microphone or order one of ours.

This is another innovative and excellent product from Studio Six Digital. For more information:

For iProduct compatibility: www.studiosixdigital.com/support 



1. iAudioInterface2 does not include a measurement microphone. We offer some excellent and cost effective measurement microphones. Please see the links on this page.

2. The iPhone 3GS, iPod touch 3 and prior models have analog line inputs and will not work with iAudioInterface2 (which uses a digital audio link). To check compatibility, click here.

3. When the supplied external power supply is used, iAudioInterface2 will supply power to all iOS devices including the iPad. However, when running on the internal battery, iAudioInterface2 will not feed power to your iOS device.

4. FAQs found and here.

Regular Price: $499.99

price today: $479.99


  • Perfect companion for iOS devices with 30-pin connector
  • Superb addition to Studio Six Digital AudioTools (www.studiosixdigital.com)
  • Digital audio link to iOS device. USB audio clock recovery.
  • Li-ion battery for 4-5 hours operation


  • 48 volt phantom powered XLR mic input with adjustable gain to 50 dB
  • Balanced ¼” TRS line input for easy transfer function measurements
  • External power adaptor (included). Will charge iOS device including iPad.


  • Balanced ¼” TRS line for output of signal generator
  • Toslink digital output, 16 bit, 32k/44.1k/48k sample rates


  • 4.2” long x 1.75” high x 2.75” wide. 5” long including knob
  • Rugged metal chassis