BLX 10


  Balanced Line Driver / Receiver


Extending Your Reach
It seems to be a law of nature: when you’re designing a custom audio system, everything fits best into a space that you can’t reach with standard audio cables. You could use connectors to plug cables together or build your own custom shielded cables, but you run the risk of picking up hum and electrical noise. Using the AudioControl Balanced Line Series together creates a fully balanced, noise-rejecting audio link.

Key Features

  • Receives Two Channels of Unbalanced Audio and Converts to a Balanced Signal
  • Sends Balanced Audio Signal up to 1000' (305 Meters) Over Standard Category-5 Twisted Pair Wiring
  • Also Provides the Ability to Receive Balanced Signal via Category-5 Wiring and Convert to Unbalanced Audio
  • Active Balanced Circuitry Eliminates Audio Transformers
  • Includes 24 VAC Wall Plug Power Supply

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