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My AudioControl line converter suddenly will no longer turn on

If your AudioControl line converter is not turning on, there are a couple of things to check to narrow down the cause.

If you are using the GTO signal sensing to turn the line converter on, we will want to confirm the unit is receiving 12 volts on the +12 volt input. If it is using the Remote In connection to turn on, you will also want to confirm the wire going to the Remote In connector has 12 volts.

The easiest way to check for this is a volt meter, but if you do not have one handy, there are a couple of  workarounds. One way is if you have another piece of aftermarket equipment that is still turning on, take that 12v power and connect to the converter. If it turns on, great!. You would just need to figure out why the 12v power to our line converter itself is not sending 12 volts.

If it still doesn’t turn on

Connect a temporary wire from the 12 v power connection to the Remote In on the units power connector and see if the unit turns on. The jumper wire allows 12 volts to go to both the +12 v input AND the Remote In.

Please refer to the diagram below. The crude red line indicates the temporary wire:

If the unit turns on, double check the “Remote In” wire to confirm it is solidly connected and also that it is still sending 12 volts.

If you have confirmed 12 volts on both the 12v power and remote in and it still won’t turn on, contact either point of sale or AudioControl tech support

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