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Space Series,

Big Bass in a Small Space

Built with a structurally rigid low-profile basket, these woofers are the ultimate solution for deep, rich bass in a sleek, and slim design. Its fiber matrix injection molded polypropylene cone ensures durability for even the most rugged environments. Includes a heavy-duty voice coil with thermal efficient cooling design to prevent overheating even when the music is hot. The Space series provides the complete solution with removable metal subwoofer grille for protecting the precious sound cargo.

Spike Series,

Bring Your Music to Life

Beautifully crafted to provide clear, precise bass for an immersive listening experience. These subwoofers feature a heavy-duty rigid basket for reduced resonance and distortion to produce better sound. Includes internally designed radial cooled motor to enhance the life of the speaker. High-excursion, double-stitched surround combined with a fiber matrix, mica coated paper cone to produce ultra-low bass output. Includes dual dust cap system for enclosure compression control providing stability for better sound. Each Spike subwoofer comes with a protective grille to keep it safe from damage, so you can enjoy your journey with peace of mind. Available in 8”, 10”, and 12” sizes.

AudioControl, Making Good Sound Great

The Pacific Northwest is a music and tech nirvana. A region known for cool sound and earth-shattering innovation. Maybe it’s something in the water. That’s why it’s no surprise PNW is home to AudioControl, the award-winning company with a 45-plus-year history of designing and building superb audio equipment from scratch. We’re not big, nor are we that small. Just a group of obsessive audio experts—including some of the best engineers on the planet—making audio tools for people who love amazing sound, no matter if that love is new or longstanding. We believe passionately that great sound can elevate your mood, induce happiness and leave you smiling without even knowing why; can make you feel alive and appreciate each and every moment. Give us a listen. It could change your outlook—and your life.

Hear What You’ve Been Missing with AudioControl.

AudioControl, the known experts in audio equipment and digital sound processing, now offers subwoofer and speaker solutions to complete your audio overhaul. Experience crisp, clear, bass-filled music with the recommended combinations of the new Space (SPC) or Spike (SPK) subwoofers, paired with our Pacific-Northwest (PNW) speaker line.

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Space Series

Spike Series