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Zone 2 control: X / XR series processors and receivers

The X9 and X7 processors and XR6 and XR8 receivers have discrete Zone 2 functionality for sending both audio and/or video to a second zone independent of what you are playing in the Main zone.

For Zone 2 control, discrete power on/off, input selection and volume control commands are available for home automation systems such as Control 4, Crestron, URC, RTI, and Elan. Most automation systems have the discrete Zone 2 commands in their respective databases and we also have an Automation Table with raw command codes available on our web site.

If you do not have a home automation system and are using the AudioControl IR remote control you can follow these steps to control Zone 2 functions with the IR remote:

Press the AMP & OK buttons together and then release, the front panel display will indicate it is in Zone 2 mode, now you can use the red power button on the upper left corner of the remote to toggle Zone 2 power on/off, use the source buttons to switch inputs, and you can adjust Zone 2 volume. Once the front panel indicates it is in Zone 2 mode you have start making selections right away! If no buttons are pressed within 10 seconds or so, the Zone 2 display will timeout and return to the Main zone display.

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