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How do I control Zone 2 on my HTR-2 remote?

There is no dedicated “Zone 2” button on the HTR-2 remote.

So in order to put the AVR in Zone 2 mode, the user would press and hold the “amp” button and “OK” button on the remote.

The display would then change to show “Z2” and the volume and the input.  At this point you would be able to control that zone source or volume by using the HTR-2 remote.  You will also be able to turn the Zone on or put into standby using the power button on the HTR-2.

It’s also good to note that after  about 5 seconds or so, the amplifier will resort back to the Zone 1 control if it does not receive a signal from the HTR-2. At that point, you will have to press and hold the “amp” and “OK” button again on the remote, or push the Zone button on the amplifier again to put back into Zone 2 control.

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