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Where are the jumpers on the DQDX?

  1. J9 Input Balancing Jumper: For many systems you can leave
    this jumper in the UNBALANCED position. In other systems, the
    source unit may look for a ground through the RCA connection to
    the amplifier and create a ground loop, which in turn can cause
    a whine (not the type that comes in a bottle) in your system. In
    that event, you should set this jumper to BALANCED.
  2. J10 PFM Jumper: The PFM (Programmable Frequency Match)
    Filter controls the cutoff frequency of the subwoofer output. The
    PFM is the bottom limit for the low pass output and will help
    protect your speakers.
  3. J11 Front to Sub Jumper: If your source unit has front, rear,
    and subwoofer RCA Line Level outputs, connect them to the
    corresponding inputs on your DQDX. If your source unit has only
    front and rear inputs, just connect these to the front and rear
    inputs on the DQDX and switch this “Sub to Front” jumper to the
    ON position. Changing this jumper to ON will route the low pass
    signal (as defined by your crossover selection) to the Sub outputs
    of the DQDX.
  4. J12 Ground Isolation Selector: Alternator noise may appear
    in a system because the source unit and amplifier(s) are using
    different grounding schemes. To help in this situation, we have
    provided alternative grounding connections. Make sure your system is turned OFF before you move these jumpers. We ship them in the isolated position, which usually gives the best results.
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