What is Dirac Live®?

Dirac Live® is a mixed-phase room correction technology used in cinemas, studios and luxury cars. It corrects not only the frequency response but also the impulse response, a factor critical for accurate staging, clarity and bass reproduction. Dirac Live® will:

• Improve the imaging of your sound system and the clarity of the music
• Make voices more intelligible
• Produce a tighter bass
• Reduce listening fatigue
• Improve the timbre, remove resonances and room modes
• Reduce early reflections
• Mixed-phase filtering for maximum performance and time domain control
• High-resolution filters through a proprietary filter structure with low computational requirements.

How it works

It takes approximately 15 to 30 minutes to calibrate your room (depending on how many channels) with the Dirac Live Calibration Tool™.
Test signals are sent out from the Dirac Live Calibration Tool™ through your audio system and loudspeakers. These signals allow the software to check the sound’s behavior across the entire audio spectrum.

Measurements are taken in 9 different positions to provide the best results over the entire listening area.
The speakers and room are assessed in terms of the frequency response and the impulse response, both vital aspects of sound reproduction. Dirac’s auto-target function will automatically suggest an appropriate target response.

More information about the Dirac Live technology can be found at their website.

Dirac Live for AudioControl can be downloaded on The AVR-7, AVR-9 and Maestro M9 product pages.

Keep in mind it will only work if you have one of said products mentioned above.

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