My stereo only sounds correct when my doors are open and/or my subwoofer acts erratically

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Does your subwoofer all of a sudden output full volume when you accelerate your car?

Or does it only output when the car is sitting still?  Or, it only works when you open or when you close the car door?

If you answered yes to any part of these questions, there is a good chance your car as active noise cancellation(ANC) and it is wreaking havoc on your aftermarket system.

ANC is becoming more and more popular in newer vehicles and sad to say, it doesn’t play nice with aftermarket audio equipment.

ANC is a process where there are microphones in the interior of your car that is monitoring the noise level of the cabin and actively taking it and sending the noise thru a processor and then sending that signal back thru the cabin in order to “cancel out” the noise.  Since that processor

What to do?

Well, there really is only two options.

  1. Figure out a way to deactivate the noise cancellation in the factory head unit.  There are some vehicles out there that do have that option, but they are few and far between.  The more common solutions is
  2. Disconnect the microphones in your car.  Depending on how they installed the microphones, you either will need to disconnect the microphones from the wires that head back tot he head unit. Or, in some more extreme cases, you would have to physically cut the wires to the mics.

This second step is a bit more drastic, and AudioControl always recommends consulting with an authorized AudioControl installer in your area that will be able to help do this for you.

You can find a local dealer using our handy find a dealer tool here



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