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Savoy G3 amplifier input sensitivity switch settings.

The Savoy G3 theater amplifier provides sensitivity settings so you can level match the input sensitivity of the Savoy G3 with the output voltage of your theater processor.

The back panel input sensitivity switch has three options: A, B, & C. The input voltages required to drive a single channel to full output power (240 watts @ 8 Ohms) at the different switch settings are: A = 1.2 volts, B = 1.6 volts, C = 2.2 volts. Power output into an 8 Ohm load with a 1 volt input: A = 190 watts/39.1 volts, B = 110 watts/29.4 volts, C = 60 watts/21.5 volts.

The default sensitivity switch setting is option C as it provides the greatest protection and noise reduction for most home theater applications. The B setting is the THX standard, and setting A would be used if your preamp/processor has higher output voltages.

Savoy G3 manual

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