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Should I put the Epicenter before or after my EQ?

We always recommend you put the Epicenter® BEFORE an EQ or crossover. Since the Epicenter is adding frequencies to your signal, you would want to put it before any EQ or crossover in order to be able to adjust those frequencies.

The Epicenter needs to see a full range signal, because of this fact, it’s always best to put the Epicenter at the beginning of the signal chain whenever possible.

If you are using an aftermarket head unit, it should be the first connection out of the head unit.

If you are planning to integrate the Epicenter in your factory system, there are a couple of considerations.
Either you would get the Epicenter Plus which has high speaker level inputs so you can connect directly to the output of the factory system, or you would connect the epicenter directly after your line converter, but before any EQ or crossover.

Please visit our wiring diagram section for some examples of Epicenter installs here.

Or for more information on how the Epicenter works, check out this article.

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