How do I program the HTR-2 remote for my Concert AVR 7/9?

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The HTR-2 has the ability to control multiple devices.  It’s just a matter of programming the remote to take advantage of this feature.


  1. Find the appropriate code or codes for your device in the excel spreadsheet (see attached below).
  2. Turn on the source device
  3. Press and hold the source button on the HTR-2 that you want to program and the number 1 button simultaneously for about 3 seconds
  4. The LED at the top of the HTR-2 will remain lit – indicating you are programming mode.
  5. Enter the 3-digit code while pointing the remote at the device. If it’s the correct code, the device should turn off.  If it does not turn off, try the next code.
  6. After finding a code that works, simply exit out of programming mode by pressing the source button again.


If none of the codes work, no worries, we can then program the remote using the learning function.


Locate the original remote that came with the unit you are trying to control, if you do not have the original remote, you will not be able to use the learning function.

  1. Place the HTR-2 and the source remote so that they are pointing at each other, with about an inch of space between them.
  2. Put the HTR-2 into learning mode by pressing and holding the source button and the number 3 button simultaneously for about 3 seconds. The LED at the top of the HTR-2 should stay lit.
  3. Press the button you wish to program on the HTR-2, or the “target button”. The LED on the HTR-2 will blink once to acknowledge that the button is ready to be programmed.
  4. Now press the button on the source remote that you want to be programmed to the HTR-2. The LED on the HTR-2 will blink twice slowly to indicate that the code was learned. If the code wasn’t received clearly by the HTR-2 then the LED will blink 5 times quickly.
  5. Repeat steps 2 thru 4 until you’ve programmed all of the buttons you want to use.

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