Line Converter Comparison

Trying to decide which Line Converter is right for the job?

Does your system roll off the bass after a certain volume?  Accubass is what you need!

Just adding a sub amp?  LC2i is right for you!

Does your factory system band pass their speaker outputs?  LC7i might do the trick!

Use our handy Comparison chart below!

# of ChannelsAccubassSummingMax In/OutMax GainEQRemote Knob
LC2i2YesNo400w/9.5vrms12 dbNoACR-1
LC6i6NoYes400w/9.5vrms12 dbNoACR-1
LC7i6YesYes400w/8.5vrms15 dbNoACR-1
LC8i8NoYes400w/8.5vrms12 dbNoACR-3
LCQ-16YesYes400w/8.5vrms12 dbYesACR-2
DQ-616YesYes400w/7.5vrms12 dbYesACR-3

Please check out our application diagram article to check out some possible install ideas


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