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Input Configuration settings: X / XR series processors and receivers

The Input Configuration settings in the X series processors and XR series receivers allow you to optimize audio settings for each input depending on the type of source device you have connected to an input.

To access the setup menu go to the front panel of the receiver or processor and press the MENU button > then select INPUT CONFIG. Once you are in the Input Configuration menu you can select an input from the drop down at the top and then you can adjust the following commonly used settings:

MODE (2 CH): The Mode setting allows you to set a default audio processing mode for when the processor sees a two channel audio signal coming in. For example, in a typical 5.1 home theater setup a recommended Mode setting would be Dolby Surround. So when a two channel audio signal is detected it would be processed as Dolby Surround. 16 Channel Stereo mode is also popular choice – this mode sends full range audio to all of the connected speakers in a home theater system.

MULTI-CHANNEL MODE (MCH): The MCH Mode setting allows you to set a default audio processing mode for when the processor sees a multi-channel audio signal coming in. For most typical home theater sources like a cable box or Apple TV the recommended setting is NATIVE so whatever surround encoded audio is coming in will be processed as is (natively).

In relation to the MCH MODE, if the processor sees a higher resolution multi-channel audio signal coming in, such as Dolby Atmos or Dolby TruHD, DTS Master Audio, etc. then any default MCH Mode setting other than Native will be overridden and the higher resolution audio will be played automatically.

DOLBY AUDIO PROCESSING MODE: In a home theater setup the recommended setting is MOVIE for audio video sources.

STEREO MODE: The Stereo Mode setting allows you to configure how bass frequencies are divided up between the front left and right speakers and subwoofer(s) when you are listening to two-channel audio. Here is a link to a knowledge base article about this setting: STEREO MODE

ROOM EQ: If you run the Dirac room calibration software and export the resulting EQ curve to your processor or receiver the Room EQ setting is where you can select to turn that calibration file on or off. This is selectable per input.

AUDIO SOURCE OPTIONS: This setting allows you to select which type of audio connection you want to use for a particular input – HDMI, Digital or Analog. This setting is also selectable per input however the available options vary depending on the input. For example, analog or digital only inputs such as CD will only have the Analog or Digital option to choose from and the NET input is fixed at Digital as this input only accepts audio signals over a network connection. Inputs with multiple types of connection options are labeled accordingly on the back panel.

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