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How to use the 12 volt trigger options on an Architect amplifier.

Architect amplifiers have both local zone 12 volt trigger connections and Master 12 volt trigger connections. The Local zone connection is a 3.5mm TS input connector. The Master trigger connection is either the 3-pin block connector or the two 3.5mm TS connectors on the rear panel. These 12 volt trigger options can be used to either trigger on each zone independently or trigger on all amplifier zones together. 

In order to use these 12 volt trigger options your audio video source device such as an AVR, pre/pro, or a home automation systems processor would need to have 12 volt trigger outputs. For this article a Sonos Port is shown as the audio source with a 12 volt trigger output. You will also need a mono TS (tip/sleeve) cable with 3.5mm tips on each end or with one end being bare wire. 

NOTE: If no trigger voltage is present at any of the trigger inputs mentioned above, then the amplifier will be in standby with all zones muted. The Architect amplifiers ship with a jumper between the +12V and Trigger In terminals on the 3-pin block connector. This configuration allows the individual amplifier channels to wake up from Standby Mode when the amplifiers Signal Sensing is enabled on the local inputs (On setting is to the right) or if you are using the local zone 12 volt trigger inputs. The only time you would remove the wire jumper on the 3-pin block connector is if you plan to connect a source devices 12 volt trigger output to the Master trigger 3.5mm input jacks or the 3 pin block connector. 


Local 12 volt trigger: To use the local zone 12 volt trigger inputs, you would need to set the zones Signal Sense dip switch to the OFF position (Off setting is to the Left). Connect the 12 volt trigger cable from the 12V output of your source to the 12V input of the amplifier. 


12 V Trigger Output
12 V Trigger Output

Master Trigger: The 3-pin block connector OR the two 3.5mm jacks. Using the Master 12V inputs will turn on all amplifier channels.

To use the 3-pin block connector first remove the factory installed wire jumper and connect the bare wire end of your trigger cable to the GND and Trigger Input terminals on the block connector. Or you can connect a 12V trigger cable with 3.5mm TS tips on each end to one of the Master 12V Trigger In/Out jacks. If you use the 3-pin block connector as the 12V trigger input, then the two Master trigger jacks become 12V outputs to daisy chain to another devices 12V input. If you use one of the 12V Master jacks as the 12V trigger input then the other jack becomes an output. NOTE: If you do use one of the 3.5mm Master jacks as the input, then remove the small wire jumper from the 3-pin block connector.

Please refer to the Architect manuals for more information about your model of amplifier. Manuals are available in the Downloads section of each amps product page on the AudioControl website.

If you need additional assistance please contact our technical support at 425-775-8461. Support is available Monday – Friday from 8am to 5pm pacific standard time.

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