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Radio presets: X / XR series processors and receivers

On the X series processors and XR series receivers you can use the AudioControl IR remote control to save and select radio station presets. Up to 50 presets can be stored.

Scanning for radio stations, saving presets and recalling presets involves using the up/down and left/right navigation (arrow) buttons and the OK button on the AudioControl remote control. When you switch to the internal tuner input the receiver or processor enters the last used tuner band and repeatedly pressing the RADIO button on the remote cycles through the available tuner bands. Connect an antenna to the rear panel F type connector labeled FM.

To scan for stations first select the RADIO input button on the remote control then use the left/right arrow buttons to tune in stations. Single presses of the left/right arrow buttons move the frequency up or down one step. Pressing and holding either arrow button for two seconds causes the tuner to scan to the next strongest signal. A scan can be stopped at any time by pressing either the left or right arrow buttons again.

Once you have a radio station tuned in you can save it in a preset location by pressing the OK button, the next available preset location will be displayed > then press the OK button a second time and your radio station will be saved in that preset location. If you want to save the station to a different preset location then after the first press of the OK button use the up/down arrow buttons to scroll to the desired preset location and then press the OK button a second time to save the station.

Once a number of stations are stored in presets you can use the up/down arrow buttons to scroll through the presets. Press OK to select.

To delete a previously saved station from a preset use the up/down arrow buttons to scroll through the presets > select the preset number you want and then press the yellow button on the remote to delete the currently highlighted station preset.

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