How to setup AccuBASS®

AccuBass is a feature that restores bass frequencies on a factory system that rolls off the bass as you increase the volume. If you can hear that the bass does not increase as you continue to turn up the volume on the head unit then your factory system is most likely rolling off bass.

There are two AccuBASS settings and a status LED used during initial setup: AccuBASS Threshold determines when AccuBASS turns on, and AccuBASS Level adjusts how much bass is restored. The status LED will illuminate when AccuBASS is active.

For initial setup of AccuBASS:

  1. Set the AccuBASS Threshold dial all the way to the left (counterclockwise)
  2. Set the AccuBASS Level knob at the 12 O’clock position
  3. Start playing a 50 Hz test tone.
  4. Slowly turn up the head unit volume until you start to hear bass dropping. Once the bass drops out stop turning up the head unit volume and leave the test tone playing.
  5. Now slowly turn the AccuBASS® Threshold dial to the right (clockwise) until you hear hear bass being restored and the status LED illuminates. Stop adjusting the AccuBASS Threshold at this point.
  6. The Threshold is now set and you can adjust the AccuBASS Level to your liking.

If your vehicle does not reduce the bass output at higher volumes there is a way to defeat the AccuBASS feature or, if you prefer, to keep it turned on all the time.

To defeat (turn off) AccuBASS, turn the AccuBASS Threshold all the way down (counterclockwise), and turn the AccuBASS Level all the way down (counterclockwise).

To keep AccuBASS on all of the time so it does not turn on/off at a set threshold, turn the AccuBASS Threshold all the way up (clockwise). Now, regardless of the head unit volume, AccuBASS will always be on. Adjust AccuBASS Level to your liking.

When you’re finished setting AccuBASS, you may need to readjust the output level to prevent distortion from the added bass.

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