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How do I use the “Maximize” light on the LC2i?

The Maximized light on the LC2i is a warning for when distorted signal is sent to the outputs of the device. Keep in mind, it will not light up when receiving audio signal, only when it detects distortion on outputs from the device.

Initially when setting up the LC2i, set the head unit to 75% of the max volume. For example, if the head unit goes to 40, bring the volume up to about 35.

Send a test tone from the head unit into the LC2i, preferably 500Hz or 1kHz test tone. Then increase the preferred output until the maximized light starts blinking or solid, then slowly back off until the is barely noticeable.

When the light is blinking or solid, this is the indicator that the signal is distorting going out of the unit. It is okay if the light ‘blips’ every now and again depending on hard hitting transients in the music. However, blinking rapidly or solid should be avoided.

Please note, this is just a visual indicator; if you are using a dedicated distortion detection tool it they may show a different limit to when the signal distorts. ***THE MAXIMIZED LIGHT ENSURES YOU DO NOT DISTORT THE OUTPUT OF THE CONVERTER, IT DOES NOT ENSURE THAT YOU WILL NOT DISTORT THE INPUT OF YOUR AMPLIFIER***

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