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How to setup AccuBASS on the LC2i

AccuBass is a feature that restores bass frequencies on a factory system that rolls off the bass as the volume increases. If the bass does not increase in intensity as the volume is turned up on the head unit then the factory system is most likely rolling off bass.     

There are two AccuBASS® settings used during initial setup. The AccuBass Threshold and the AccuBass Level. The AccuBASS Threshold determines when the AccuBASS process turns on and the AccuBASS Level adjusts how much bass is restored.

On the LC2i, the Threshold knob (screw) is located on the side of the unit between the Main and Bass RCA output connectors. A micro screwdriver will be needed in order to adjust it.

It’s also good to note that the Bass knob on the LC2i is for setting the output gain (level) of the Bass output. It does not have anything to do with the AccuBASS setup process.

For initial setup of AccuBASS:

  1. Turn the AccuBASS Threshold all the way to the left
  2. Set the AccuBASS Level knob at the 12 O’clock position
  3. Start playing music that is familiar and/or has a lot of bass
  4. Slowly turn the volume up on the head unit until the bass starts to drop out (roll off)
  5. At this point, slowly start to turn the AccuBASS Threshold to the right (clockwise) until bass begins to restore itself.
  6. At this point the Threshold is set and can now adjust the AccuBASS Level. Think of the AccuBASS Level setting as a bass boost feature as it is adjusting how much bass is restored.

To keep AccuBass ON all the time turn the Threshold knob all the way to the right, which will effectively keep the AccuBASS process always engaged. So no matter how loud or soft the music is playing, AccuBASS will always be adding bass boost.  Adjust the AccuBass Level to your liking.

The ‘Threshold’ is basically a sensitivity input. The farther right it is set, the higher the sensitivity it will detect from the factory unit and will activate at lower volumes.

When turning the ‘Threshold’ to the left, it decreases the sensitivity and will activate when the factory unit is at higher volumes.

If the vehicle does not reduce the bass output at higher volumes, it can be bypassed. To defeat (turn off) the AccuBass feature, turn the Threshold all the way to the left which will effectively prevent the AccuBass process from turning on at higher volumes. Also turn the AccuBass Level all the way down (to the left).

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