The GTO signal sense is not turning on my line converter/processor

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In order to determine if the GTO is truly not working, the first thing to do is make sure you are using a valid source for power and it can turn on.

Easiest way to do that is to jump the 12 volt power wire to the remote in on the power connector.  The unit should turn on when you do this.  If it does, great!  We got power, that’s half the battle. If it doesn’t turn on, then you need to double check your power connections.

If it does turn on, then we would want to make sure that the GTO jumper is in the ON position.  If you have an LC6i, then it’s always on and you don’t need to check.  But if you have a LC2i, LC7i, LC8i or a DQ-61, you may want to check the jumper.  You can find the location of your jumper here.  They are shipped from the factory in the ON position, but if you purchased the unit used, it may be off.

***At this point, we would want to disconnect the remote in jumper to the 12 v, since if left on, it would just stay on, ultimately draining your battery***

After we’ve determined the unit can turn on and we can send signal thru it, that leaves us really with one option.  The car may not be compatible with the GTO signal sense.

The GTO is looking for a specific carrier signal from the factory head unit, and not every single car outputs the signal, so some cars just wont turn on the unit via GTO.

In that instance, you would need to run a remote in wire to the unit to be able to turn on.



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