Firmware: Update instructions for AVR 7/9 and Maestro M5/M9.

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AVR-7/9 or Maestro M5/M9 Firmware update instructions:


Dirac files:

Firmware updates clear any Dirac calibration settings that are currently uploaded to the AVR/Maestro. Make sure you have access to the saved Dirac calibration file on your computer so you can upload back to the AVR/Maestro once the firmware update has completed.

Store a secure backup of the AVR/Maestro settings

Press and hold the MENU button on the front panel for about 4 seconds, the engineering menu will be displayed. Scroll down to and select Store Secure Backup > select Enter Pin (it will display the default pin 0000) and press OK on the remote control or Select on the front panel.

To check the current firmware version:

Press the front panel INFO and DIRECT buttons together for 4 seconds. The firmware version will be displayed on the front panel display (it is the HOST number).

Step 1: Download the firmware Zip file from the Concert AVR 7/9 or Maestro M5/M9 product page on the AudioControl website (Downloads section). Un-zip if necessary and make a note of the folder where the files are saved. You can also find the firmware files here.

Step 2: Place the current AC-SYSTEM and AC-NETWORK bin files on a USB drive. 

Note that the AC-System file is not model specific, the AC-Network file is model specific.

Be sure there are no other files or previous versions of the firmware on the USB drive.

*USB DRIVE FORMAT: the USB drive should be formatted for Windows FAT or FAT32.

Step 3: Connect the USB drive to the AVR or Maestro rear panel USB Port.

Step 4: Press the INFO and DISPLAY buttons together until you see the firmware begin to load. 

Step 5: Wait until the display on the AVR or Maestro reads “Press OK”.

Step 6: Press “OK” on the remote control or “Select” on the front panel. 

At this point the AVR or Maestro will power off.

Step 7: Check that the firmware updated correctly. Power the AVR or Maestro back onand press the front panel INFO and DIRECT buttons together for 4 seconds. The firmware version (HOST) will be displayed on the front panel.

Step 8: Remove the USB drive.

Step 9: Reset to factory defaults – hold down the Menu button on the front panel for 4 seconds, then press Select, then press Direct. The unit will power cycle.

You can now restore your saved settings and upload your Dirac calibration (via the Dirac software). To restore your saved settings press and hold the front panel Menu button until the Engineering menu is displayed on your TV, navigate to and select Restore Secure Backup, you will be prompted with a warning message, press the front panel Direct button to continue and complete the process of restoring your settings.

Upload any Dirac calibration files that you have saved on your computer back to the receiver or processor. Click here for more information about Dirac Live room calibration. Also remember to disconnect any home automation control processors from the network before attempting to run the Dirac Live software as they may interfere with communications between Dirac Live and your AVR or Pre/Pro.

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