Everything is hooked up, powered on and music is playing, but I have no audio from my Line Converter

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If you’ve checked all your wiring connections, the AudioControl line converter has the power light on, your amps are on, and you’ve confirmed that audio is playing out of your factory head unit, BUT you still don’t have audio (or the audio is intermittently dropping out), there is a good chance your factory system is having problems due to the fact that our line converters do not put a load on the speaker outputs of the factory system.

Since there is no resistance on on the high level speaker lines, the factory amp doesn’t think that there are speakers connected to it, so it won’t output a signal or the output will intermittently drop out.

This is a perfect opportunity to install our AC-LGD!  Product page here. It will stabilize your factory system by putting a load on the factory outputs!

If you’ve installed the AC-LGD and are still experiencing audio output problems then your particular vehicles factory system may require additional resistance (load) to operate normally.

The way to trick the factory system into thinking there are speakers present is to put resistors across the positive and negative wires of each output pair from the factory head unit, before the input of the AudioControl line converter (see the example image below).


For most makes and model year vehicles you can install the AC-LGD mentioned above. If you do need additional resistors, you would wire in the resistors as shown above, then attach the speaker wires to the AC-LGD, and then plug the AC-LGD into the AudioControl line converters inputs.

If you do need additional resistance then for most vehicles the recommended resistor value is 47 Ohms 5 – 10 watt. However, some vehicles such as the 2018 – 2019 Dodge/Jeep/Chrysler models require specific resistance values.

If you need further assistance with a resistance (load) related issue please give our technical support department a call at 425-775-8461.

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