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My Director/Architect goes into protection after it warms up

Check your the impedance of your Speakers connected to the amp.

The Architect and Director series amplifiers are rated to handle speaker impedance’s down to 4 Ohms. If you have any zones wired to speakers that are presenting less than 4 ohms of impedance to the amplifier then the amplifier may go into protection mode. The amplifier may work for a period of time after powering on but as it continues to try and drive the lower impedance load it will go into thermal protection mode.  Check the impedance rating of your speakers and make sure the combined impedance on any one zone is not less than 4 Ohms.

If the impedance is correct, the amplifier may be getting too hot due to where it is located. You want to make sure that the amplifier is located in a well ventilated equipment rack or AV cabinet. If your equipment is installed in a completely enclosed cabinet you should install active ventilation fans.

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