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Dirac Live: Volume Calibration makes a Ticking Noise

In the Volume Calibration stage of Dirac, each channel should output a pink noise test tone, and the sub will output a short tone sweep.

In some cases, you will hear the channels output a mysterious ticking noise. Trying to proceed through the measurement phase when this happens will cause an error later in the process.

In the event you hear the ticking, close Dirac and go to the front panel of your Maestro X-series or Concert XR-series. Factory reset the unit by pressing and holding on the info & zone buttons for 5 seconds.

The unit will turn itself off, press the Menu button on the front panel to wake it back up.

Once the unit is back online, go to the speaker types menu and reconfigure your speaker settings.

IMPORTANT: Do not adjust the Speaker Levels or Speaker Distances settings. Dirac will make its own adjustments at the end of the calibration.

Open the Dirac software and run through the volume calibration and measurement phases as usual.

For more information about running the Dirac Live calibration tool, check out our Dirac Live: Setup for X / XR series processors and receivers.

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