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Depending on the product, the remote dash knob can do different things. Please refer to the table below.  The Matrix Plus has multiple ways it can be configured. Click on “various” to reveal a document that details all the ways.

Clicking on the product name will open up a new window to the product page


ProductACR RemoteControls
LC2iACR-1Bass Volume
LC6iACR-1Sub/Ch 3 Output
LC7iACR-1Sub/Ch 3 Output
Matrix PlusACR-1Various
Overdrive PlusACR-1Volume Output
6XSACR-1Sub/Ch 3 Output
Epicenter Concert SeriesACR-1Epicenter Effect
LC 4.800ACR-1Output Level
LCQ-1ACR-2Sub/Ch 3 Output/turns EQ ON/OFF
Epicenter PlusACR-2Epicenter Effect/Aux,Main Input toggle
LC8iACR-3Sub/Ch 4 output/toggles aux & main Input
DQ-61ACR-3Sub/Ch 3 Output/Signal Delay Setup/toggle processor ON/OFF
DQDXACR-3Sub/Ch 3 Output/Signal Delay Setup/toggle processor ON/OFF/Pink Noise
Epicenter 600ACR-3Epicenter effect/bass level
Epicenter 1200ACR-3Epicenter effect/bass level
DM-810ACR-3Change presets/master volume/sub output volume


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