How do I adjust the input gains on my DQ-61/DQDX?

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Unlike all of our other line converters and/or processors, the DQ-61 and DQDX have both Input and Output gains. Both having their own maximized light.

The reason for this is due to the nature of the DSP. Since the signal is being converted from analog to digital in order for the DSP to process the signal, it needs to stay within a certain range in order to avoid the chance of the DSP to get overloaded and cause distortion.

A good place to start in setting your gains is have the input gains set to the 12 o’clock position and the output gains all the way down.

When the input gains are set to 12 o’clock, they are at a nominal position. The gains are not adding or subtracting from the incoming signal, it’s just passing it thru. At this point, you can use the output gains to bring the gain up until the maximized light starts to flicker.

The input gains are good to adjust if you have an overtly high signal, or very low signal. At that point, you can then bring the input gains up or down accordingly.

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