Enter AudioControl’s LC7i as the leading high performance line output converter with AccuBASS™ designed to transform the audio performance of factory installed systems.


Seattle, WA. July 17th, 2012 – AudioControl, the U.S. leading designer and manufacturer of award winning products that transform the sound performance of in-car audio systems, today announced the launch of the LC7i with AccuBASS™, a new six channel high-performance line output converter that ‘makes good sound great’ and restores the Bass in today’s factory installed audio systems.

The LC7i allows all music lovers who want a great in-car audio experience to keep their factory radio set-up and dramatically improve and upgrade their system performance. The LC7i delivers amazing sound quality and fixes one of the biggest letdowns of today’s factory systems when the volume is turned up and the Bass signal fades away! AudioControl’s unique and exclusive AccuBASS™ patent pending circuitry in the LC7i maintains and restores the Bass signal as the volume is turned up, improving the audio performance and allowing the music to be played and listened to the way the artist intended.

The AudioControl LC7i is designed to meet a market need for a high-performance, competitively priced line output converter capable of six channels of speaker level input, with internal summing across all channels, 400w of power handling, AudioControl’s ‘Great Turn On’ (GTO) feature for signal sensing and with AudioControl’s exclusive patent pending AccuBASS™ circuitry.

The LC7i allows the flexibility of powering the audio signals downstream to single or multiple factory amps maximizing sound quality & achieving high output at a great price. In addition, the LC7i is designed to fit into a new AudioControl compact chassis allowing an easy & flexible factory system upgrade in today’s space constrained vehicles.

Jay Small, AudioControl’s National AutoSound Sales Manager stated, “Our line output converters are like none other. The LC7i will work with factory installed audio systems and give high quality, level matched, pre-amp signals that deliver the great sound performance that AudioControl has been providing for over 30 years. The LC7i also improves the performance of aftermarket amps and processors while keeping the convenience and cosmetics of the factory installed source unit.”

Small added “that the introduction of the new LC7i brings to the market a unique, dealer led product, at an affordable price that transforms the audio and multimedia performance of the in-car entertainment experience”. Small emphasized that “having the LC7i with AccuBASS™ as part of a dealers mix offers a one-stop solution for increasing audio and multimedia performance and allows our dealers a great way to increase the audio performance of today’s factory radio installations while our AccuBASS? circuitry restores much needed Bass to the in-car audio experience that today is stripped away in factory systems.”

Full details of the AudioControl LC7i can be found at AudioControl’s website, www.audiocontrol.com or on AudioControl’s Facebook page. The LC7i will begin shipping to all U.S. and international dealers and distributors in July 2012. AudioControl will be holding a national free webinar to help dealers maximize the potential of the LC7i and train all personnel. To receive an invitation to the webinar, dealers & installers should email (webinar has passed). The LC7i will be on display for the first time at AudioControl’s booth at the MERA Knowledgefest in Dallas from August 18th-21st, 2012.

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AudioControl is a U.S. designer and manufacturer of the highest quality car audio, theater processors, distributed audio amplifiers, signal processors and precise analysis products, celebrating more than 30 years of ‘making good sound great’. The company’s headquarters, including research and development, manufacturing, production, and training facilities continue to thrive in Seattle, Washington heart of the rainforest of the Pacific Northwest.

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