Allows for compact, hidden, faster, easier audio installations and improved aesthetics

SEATTLE, WA.–April 14, 2015–AudioControl, the Seattle-based audio design leader, is now shipping new installation accessories for their Bijou 600 Integrated Zone Amplifier/DAC offering installers outstanding installation flexibility, further enhancing the capabilities of the Consumer Electronics Association’s 2015 Audio Product of the Year. These new accessories solve mounting challenges while also improving aesthetics and ensuring great viewing flexibility. The high-power Bijou 600 Zone Amplifier/DAC is a tailor-made performance partner for adding additional audio zones to the home and boosting the output of TVs, soundbars, streaming audio and gaming environments. These new features add to AudioControl’s inventory of next generation of architectural, network, multi-zone and compact zone, high-performance power amplifiers and accessories exclusively for the custom residential and professional audio markets.

The Bijou RM-209 1U Single Rack Mount Kit is comprised of two custom end plates and a single space filler plate to mount the Bijou 600 into a 1U rack space allowing it to be positioned virtually flush with the surface.


The Bijou RM-210 Dual Rack Mount Kit is comprised of two custom end plates plus two middle joining plates to lock two Bijou 600s together in a 1U rack space. Multiple Bijou 600’s can be installed and with the cool running aspects of the product, no spacing is required between rows of Bijou 600’s installed inside rack systems.


The Bijou RM-211 1U mounting brackets consist of two mounting ears to allow the Bijou 600 to be installed on walls or other fixtures where the Bijou 600 requires flat mounting in confined spaces.

The Bijou RM-212 In-Wall Back Box (no longer available) features an intuitive in-wall box with a rear panel mount behind the display and allows for absolutely hidden installation. It uses both metal and plastic electrical boxes as well as a removable trim ring to fit in both retrofit and new construction applications up to ¾” wallboard.

The Bijou RM-213 Component Mounting Plate fits a large 9” x 11”, 50-400mm VESA mount, ideal for attaching the Bijou 600 to the back of a slimline television.

The Bijou 600 high power Amplifier and DAC with pre-amplifier volume control offers custom installers 2 x 100 watts per channel at 8 ohms to power better performing speakers and is also capable of outputting 200 watts at 4 ohms or acting as a 400-watt mono-block that is stable down to 3.6 ohms. Designed within a convenient 1U, ½ rack chassis measuring just 1.7” tall, it is compact enough to hide behind the latest thin displays or in any additional zone in the home. The Bijou 600 can optimize audio output for TV zones, digital streaming systems such as SONOS®, or audio configurations including low impedance speakers. The Bijou 600 also features a renowned Wolfson DAC and is equipped with a number of bass management features including a subwoofer mono out, AudioControl’s patented AccuBASS™ equalization, as well as selectable high-pass and low-pass crossovers.

“We put a great deal of thought into the creation of these mounting accessories to increase ease-of-installation of the Bijou 600 for custom install professionals. Enhancing our reputation for building the best sounding and best performing audio solutions in the industry today, we are also investing in accessories that benefit the most décor-conscious users,” said Alex Camara, CEO AudioControl.

The Bijou 600 Zone Amplifier/DAC and mounting accessories are designed and engineered by AudioControl in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States a few minutes North of Seattle. All parts are available in espresso black—a nod to Seattle’s long-standing coffee heritage—to match common audio systems, displays and rack components. The accessories come with AudioControl’s legendary 5-year warranty. For more information, visit

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