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How to setup AccuBass.

AccuBass is a feature that restores bass frequencies on a factory system that rolls off the bass as you turn...
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What is AutoMode?

AutoMode is a function on our LC6i, LC7i, and LC8i multi-channel line converters. When AutoMode is engaged on the LC6i...
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What is the GTO?

The GTO or “Great Turn On” circuit automatically turns the unit on whenever it senses a signal on the channel 1...
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What is M.I.L.C.?

The Maximum Input Level Control is a patent-pending level-setting circuit that prevents clipping and distortion. It calculates when the waveform...
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How does the Epicenter work?

The unique bass restoration circuit of The Epicenter®, originally patented by AudioControl, looks at the upper harmonics and uses them...
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