How do I send remote power to a BVR-25 from the Maestro M2e?

The Maestro M2e pre-amplifier has the ability to send power to a BVR-25 through an un-used twisted pair of the Cat-5 wire. This feature is available when you are not utilizing the "AV" RCA output jack on the BVR-25 to send composite video or a digital audio signal (Reference Pair 1 of the RJ-45 Pin Connection Drawing). The following 3 steps will guide you through the process:

1. Move the jumpers on the BVR-25, located beneath the RJ-45 jacks
2. Push the "Remote Power" button on the rear of the Maestro M2e, located next to the RJ-45 output
3. Connect the Cat-5 between the Maestro M2e and BVR-25

Remote Power to BVR-25

Note: Electing to send power over the Cat-5 will prohibit the BVR-25 from outputing a signal through the yellow RCA jack (labeled "AV" on the BVR-25).