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Savoy G3 Wins Excite Award

AudioControl's most powerful theater amplifier, the Savoy G3, is a recipient of CustomRetailers 2010 Excite Award
CEDIA Hall of Fame Award 2009 TechHome

SA-3052 Audio Analyzer was inducted into the CEDIA Product Hall of Fame.

The Architect Model 1160 was a finalist for the Best Distributed Audio / Video Product
BODA 2008 Best of Demo Alley 2008   RAVE 2007 Award Winners "The Best Pre/Pro" 
  AudioControl won a prized "Best of Demo Alley" award at the 2008 EHX show in Orlando...     The Maestro M2e won the 2007 RAVE Award from Home Theater Magazine as the Best Pre/Pro Under $3,000...
Excite Award Winner Savoy Wins Excite Award   SV Approved Certified and Recommended
  CustomRetailer magazine awarded the Savoy 7-channel Home Theater Amplifier its coveted Excite Award...     Following a brilliant review of the Maestro M2e and Savoy, Sound & Vision magazine stamped the pair with their highest honor...
Home Theater Editors Pick Home Theater 2008 Buyer's Guide - Editors' Pick   BODA Logo Best Overall Demo 2006 
  The Maestro M2e and Savoy were selected as Editors' Picks by Home Theater magazine in their 2008 Buyer's Guide...     AudioControl won the "Best Overall Demo" at the 2006 Electronic House Expo...

CES Innovations Award

CES Innovations Award - Diva  

Audioholics CE Award

 Consumer Excellence Award
  When the Diva made it's debut at CES, the critics couldn't help but give it their highest award...     Audioholics liked the performance of AudioControl products so much, they gave it their Consumers Excellence Award...

Electronic House Logo

Product Of the Year  

RAVE 2007 Award Winners

"The Best Amplifier"
  The Architect Model 961 was the first Class H 16-channel amplifier with Networking capabilities, and Electronic House Magazine's Product of the Year...     Home Theater Magazine was so impressed with our Savoy 7-channel Home Theater Amp, they called it "The Best Amplifier Under $3,000"...

Distributed Audio Award

Best Distribution Amplifier   Excite Award Winner Excite Award for Model 1160 
  Class H topology scores another win in Electronic House Expo's 2002 Distributed Audio Awards...     The Architect Model 1160 16-channel amplifier was given CustomRetailer Magazine's Excite Award merely hours after it was released to the public...

CES Innovations Award

CES Innovations Award - Pantages   
  The energy-efficient, cool-running Class H topology of the Pantages overwhelmed CES attendees as it walked away as an Innovations winner...    
Concert AVR-8: Inside CI reviews AudioControl's Concert AVR-8!
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Concert AVR-8: AudioControl returns with to Widescreen Review with their new Concert AVR-8 audio / video receiver.
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Audio Control's Rialto 400 is unlike any product you are likely to have encountered...
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Rialto 400: "When my scrambled eggs are feeling a bland, I douse them with a little salt and pepper to bring the zing back to breakfast. AudioControl has a device to do similar magic to your digital music. It’s the Rialto 400."
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Rialto 400: The Rialto 400 is an amplifier and high quality DAC, in a diminutive package measuring 8.5” wide, 2.9” tall and 5.4” deep. The amplifier delivers 100 watts of power per channel into 8 ohms and 200 watts per channel into 4 ohm loads.
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Maestro M4: "To say the least the Maestro M4 has met an dexceeded my expectations. Its video Processing and bypass are both excellent. The Audio bypass sound is the best I have heard."
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Rialto 400: AudioControl has filled a real need with the introduction of the Rialto 400 and now audiophiles now have a great high performance alternative to the existing Sonos products, which have been more focused on convenience and not necessarily on high-end audio quality.
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Maestro M3: "The AudioControl Maestro M3...deliveres top-tier analog and digital audio performance." Savoy G3: "I haven't heard an amplifier at any price I'd rather listen to than this amplifier."
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"...you want movie theater special effects and sound? Really great sound? That's where AudioControl's Concert AVR-1 comes in to save the day."
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"In terms of sheer mass of sound - high quality, musical sound - the AudioControl is
one of the top two or three
receivers I've auditioned."
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"The AudioControl Concert AVR-1 embodies the paradox of high-end A/V receivers."
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Home Entertainment Logo   Secret's Logo
    "The Savoy performs flawlessly...if I were installing home theaters for a living, I would be installing this amp."
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      "...the Maestro M2 turned out to be one ofthe easiest to use surround sound processors (SSPs) I have ever tested.  This was a very nice surprise."
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Home Theater Logo   SoundVision Logo
    "The Savoy increasingly defines how home theater amplification can and should work...This is what home theater's future looks (and sounds) like."
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      "A mere 20 minutes of listening was time enough to suggest, richly, that the AudioControl pairing had all the musicality and muscle I would ever require for A/V separates."
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    "The Maestro does an impressive job in building front soundstage depth and recreating the spatiality of a soundtrack."
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      "Their flawless, no-compromise signal routing, and processing that within its goal, is every bit the equal of the best I've ever heard."
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Secret's Logo   Home Theater Logo
    "The AudioControl Savoy Power Amplifier is an excellent product.  It puts out plenty of power, and it sounds great."
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"I figured that a company with AudioControl's expertise and experience would be able to do some interesting things once they got around to making primary components for themselves, and the Pantages certainly didn't disappoint."
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    "The upside to AudioControl's approach is audio quality...the sound is extraordinarily, free of the slight distortions and edgy quality tht have given audio components a bad name."
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      "Boasting a 2002 Innovations Design & Engineering award from the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA), the Pantages is a multichannel amplifier intended for use in home theater applications."
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 Industry Acclaim

CEDIA Member Logo

Preferred Training Partner  

HAA Logo

Equipment Provider 
  AudioControl equipment is used at CEDIA's national training center during Boot Camp training sessions.     Our theater equipment and calibration tools have been used during HAA training sessions and "Two Rooms" tradeshow demonstrations.
Universal Remote Partner Universal Remote Control Partner   CEDIA University Approved CEU Provider
  AudioControl is a Universal Remote Control "Complete Control" Partner.     Our "Train In the Rain" Home Theater Calibration training is CEDIA Certified for 3.25 CEUs.