Automated RT-60 Measurement Now in Iasys

Automated RT-60 Measurement Now in Iasys®

Version 3.0 Ready and Shipping

Mountlake Terrace, WA -- The patented Iasys®, system setup tool, from AudioControl Industrial now includes the reverberation time measurement RT-60 as part of the newly released Version 3.0. Currently shipping units include this software version and older units may be upgraded. The new software also includes a memory copy function and real time SPL display.

Reverberation time (RT) is the time it takes for the sound pressure level to decay to one-millionth of the original value. This is a 60 dB reduction hence the name RT-60. With Iasys, this test is automated not only for ease of use but also for unsurpassed accuracy.

"The fuzzy logic capabilities of Iasys mean the RT-60 test is self-calibrating and includes quality checks of the test data in real time as multiple passes are performed," says Tom Walker AudioControl Industrial president. "This is a test that takes the operator no time to learn to use unlike some more complicated analyzers."

To perform the RT-60 test with Iasys, the operator need only select the desired one-third octave frequency between 63.5 and 4,000 Hz, then press the TEST button. Iasys automatically checks the ambient sound level, sets microphone gains, and ramps up the test signal. Then Iasys shuts off the test signal and measures the decay time adjusting for the time of flight. Next, Iasys runs six more test passes and checks that the data is within a 10 percent quality window. If not, more passes are run to insure the test accuracy. When all quality tests are passed, Iasys displays the answer.

Setup Large Systems Even Faster

Also included in Iasys Version 3.0 is the ability to copy data from one memory bank to another. This convenient capability enables the operator to run tests with different mic positions quickly and setup large systems fast. This is particularly useful when measuring delay towers and multiple arrays.

Real Time, Large, Bright SPL Display


Another new feature is to set the Iasys so that any time the unit is not running a test it is displaying the real time sound pressure level. The display is very bright with 1¼ inch high (32 mm) numerals. This is very useful for monitoring the SPL within the venue and takes the place of a dedicated sound pressure level meter.

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