Iasys- The Analyzer that Provides Answers, Not Just Data

Iasys® - The Analyzer that Provides Answers, Not Just Data
Is Now Shipping

Mountlake Terrace, Washington: The wait for the AudioControl Industrial new audio analyzer, Iasys is over. After almost four years of development and extensive testing Iasys® is ready to ship. Iasys is designed for every day use, and gives answers to problems that can be fixed with common tools.

"Iasys is a giant step forward for the industry and AudioControl Industrial.", comments Tom Walker, president of AudioControl Industrial, "It's fuzzy logic nature means you get excellent results without week long training programs. After almost four years of work, we are proud say it is ready."

These years of development and testing resulted in a new concept in audio analyzers, that is so new, there has never been an audio product like it. With Iasys a new era for audio testing gear has begun. This new era will be characterized by non-intimidating, simple to operate instruments that do most of the work. No more carrying around laptops, sitting through week-long training programs, and still having to interpret data. Iasys is a self contained unit, with the computer built in. All you need to do, is plug Iasys into the system, press some self-explanatory buttons, and Iasys gives you the answers to everyday audio problems that can be fixed immediately with the gear already there.

Iasys goes through several tests, and than gives answers to questions like where to set the crossover point, the crossover level, the limiter, and the delay. Iasys measures polarity at hundreds of feet. There is no need to read an array of three dimensional charts and graphs. With a simple push of a button, Iasys gives usable information in dB, Hertz, SPL and feet. The affordable Iasys is equipped with a help button, which makes operating the unit very simple. Just push the help button, and Iasys suggests what to do next. The Iasys audio analyzer is designed specifically for the pro audio market, and not adapted from research labs.

The Iasys assists in system design and development, plus saves time in system set-up and trouble-shooting. The Iasys provides consistent and better sound quality from venue to venue, faster set-up and install, and longer lasting sound systems. All these advantages make Iasys indispensable for everyday use, for everyone in the industry.AudioControl has been designing and manufacturing the highest quality professional, home and car stereo components in the United states since 1977. All the company's manufacturing plants are in Washington state.

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