Frequently Asked Questions
Measurement Mic Pre-amps 

1. Does the iAudioInterface2 come with a microphone?No it does not. The iAudioInterface2 comes ready for any 48 volt phantom powered measurement microphone.

2. What microphones do you recommend?

Not surprisingly, the ones we sell on this web site. Please look under "Measurement Microphones", plus there are some just cool gig kit stuff under "Accessories".

3. I have an AudioControl Industrial CM-10. Will that work?

Yes, and one of many excellent choices under "Measurement Microphones".

4. May I use my current measurement microphone with the iAudioInterface2?

Most likely. Your current measurement microphone will work if it is 48v phantom powered.

5. May I get the CM-20 everyday mic individually calibrated when I purchase this product?

The calibrated CM-20 is the CM-25. When ordering make sure your select the CM-25 if you would are interested in the calibrated version of the EveryDay mic. You can also get the CM-20 you already own calibrated though that will cost more due to shipping both ways and take four to six weeks. We strongly recommend you purchase the CM-25.

6. What models of Apple products does the iAudioInterface2 work with?

Since the Apple device world is dynamic, we suggest you consult this link.

7. Will the iAudioInterface2 work with Android and other phones?

No. iAudioInterface2 is a Made for iPod device with the Apple connector on the attachment cable.

8. May I use the iAudioInterface2 with other Apple compatible audio apps?

Yes. The iAudioInterface2 is a generic audio interface. However, you will not be able to use some of the advanced features of the interface which are controlled from the AudioTools applications.

9. The iAudioInterface2 looks to be an excellent pre-amp. May I use it for projects other than acoustic measurement?

Yes. To be an excellent measurement pre-amp, the iAudioInterface2 is an accurate and non-colored pre amp which means you can certainly use if for recording. Please see the information here.

10. The toslink is specified as an output. May it also be used as an input?

No, it is an output only.

11. What is the impedance of the TRS inputs? May I use it with high level, even speaker level, signals?

The input impedance is 40k ohms balanced (20k unbalanced) so yes you can put high levels, including speaker levels into it if you first set the gain range in AudioTools.

12. What is the battery life of the iAudioInterface2?

Four to five hours. Charge time is approximately three hours.

13. What kind of power supply is provided with the iAudioInterface2?

The power supply is universal 100 to 230 volts AC.

14. Will running the iAudioInterface2 on its power supply also charge the Apple device?


15. Will there be firmware updates for the iAudioInterface2?

We have tested this product extensively and do not anticipate firmware upgrades. That said, we can not predict what Apple will do that may necessitate such an upgrade.

16. Where can I get answers to other questions not answered here?

Please email