What are the details of AudioControl’s Warranty?

All AudioControl Autosound products are designed and manufactured at our zero-discharge factory located in the Pacific Northwest, U.S.A.  Given our huge commitment to quality AudioControl comfortably warranties all materials and workmanship on our autosound products for a period of FIVE years from the date of purchase., provided it is installed by an authorized AudioControl dealer.  Should you choose to install it yourself, your warranty is ONE year from the date of purchase

A few words about warranties
People are scared of warranties.  Lots of fine print.  Months of waiting around.  Well, fear no more, this warranty is designed to make you rave about us to your friends.  It's a warranty that looks out for you and helps you resist the temptation to have your friend, "...who's good with electronics", try to repair your AudioControl product.  So go ahead, read this warranty, then take a few days to enjoy your new AudioControl processor before registering the warranty card and comments.

"Conditional" doesn't mean anything ominous.  The Federal Trade Commission tells all manufacturers to use the term to indicate that certain conditions have to be met before they'll honor the warranty.  If you meet all of these conditions, we will warranty all materials and workmanship on your AudioControl autosound product for one year from the date you bought it (five years if it is installed by an authorized United States AudioControl dealer). We will fix or replace it, at our option, during that time.

Here are the conditional conditions:
1. You have to go online and register your AudioControl products.

2. You must keep your sales receipt for proof of purchase showing when and from whom the unit was bought.  We're not the only ones who require this, so it's a good habit to get into with any major purchase.

3. Your AudioControl products must have originally been purchased from an authorized AudioControl dealer.  You do not have to be the original owner, but you do need a copy of the original sales slip.

4. You cannot let anybody who isn't: (A) the AudioControl factory; (B) somebody authorized in writing by AudioControl to service your THREE.1.  If anyone other than (A) or (B) messes with your AudioControl autosound product, that voids your warranty.

5. The warranty is also void if the serial number is altered or removed, or if your AudioControl component has been used improperly.  Now that sounds like a big loophole, but here is all we mean by it. Unwarranted abuse is: (A) physical damage (don't use it for a car jack); (B) improper connections (120 volts into the power jack can fry the poor thing); (C) sadistic things.  This is the best mobile product we know how to build, but if you mount it to the front bumper of your car, something will go wrong.

6.   If an authorized United States AudioControl dealer installs your autosound component, the warranty is five years.

Assuming you conform to 1 through 6, and it really isn't all that hard to do, we get the option of fixing your old unit or replacing it with a new one.

Legalese Section
This is the only warranty given by AudioControl.  This warranty gives you specific legal rights that vary from state to state.  Promises of how well your AudioControl component will perform are not implied by this warranty.  Other than what we have covered in this warranty, we have no obligation, express or implied.  Also, we will not be obligated for direct or indirect consequential damage to your system caused by hooking up your AudioControl component.

Failure to properly register your AudioControl warranty may negate any service claims.

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