AccuBASS™ Cures Factory Bass Roll Off!

AudioControl AccuBASS™ Now Available in Three Products

One of the biggest drawbacks of factory audio systems is the bass roll off that occurs at higher volume levels. Adding an amplifier and subwoofer to these systems still leaves you wanting for more bass when the volume is turned up!

AudioControl's patent pending AccuBASS™ circuit is designed to recover the bass that goes missing when the volume is increased. The chart above shows how AccuBASS™ increases the bass level at lower frequencies. Of key importance is that AccuBASS™ activates only when needed. A simple one-time adjustment at the time of installation is all it takes to give the system great bass at all volume levels!

AccuBASS™ will:

  • recover the bass that goes missing at high volume levels in factory systems
  • extract maximum performance of new amplifiers and speakers
  • increase customer satisfaction
  • make good sound great!

Sean Reid, AudioControl's national auto sound sales manager said "Our customers understand what a stunning improvement AccuBASS™ makes in the overall sound quality and useability of the factory radio based systems".

Reid continued, "In addition to AccuBASS™ our factory integration processors have install friendly features that reduce installation time and increase performance. And all our products include the superb sound quality that AudioControl is known for!"

 LC2i - The best sounding 2 channel line output processor on the market today!

LC7i - The latest addition to the AccuBASS™ family.Six channel, signal summing capability, GTOturn on, small chassis and more!
LCQ-1 - The LCQ-1 has all the features of the LC7i and adds front, rear and subwoofer equalization!