How to set volume control with the ACR-3 on the DM-810

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You have the ability to set the ACR-3 to adjust any of the output levels of the DM-810.

Two of the most common applications is to set the ACR-3 as the subwoofer output volume, or making the ACR-3 a master volume control by assigning all outputs to the ACR-3 control.

To do this, it is as simple as selecting the “Level” button in the ACR-3 remote section in the desired output channel view:


For example, to make the ACR-3 a master volume knob, you will want to ensure the “Level” button is selected for each output you are using.

***Special Note*** The ACR-3 is not designed to simultaneously be a master volume knob AND a subwoofer volume knob. The one exception is if you have the DM-810 setup for multiple inputs. For example, preset 1 is setup for bass volume control from the factory high level speaker inputs. Preset 2 is a master volume knob for the optical input.***


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