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If your amp has the protection light on, that means the amp has detected a short via the speaker connection, or has received over or under proper voltage and has put itself into protect mode.

If you have an amp that is in protection mode, the first thing you want to do is turn off the amp and disconnect the power cable.

You will also want to disconnect all input cables and ALL speaker cables.

Leave the amp completely disconnected for a few minutes.  5 minutes tops.

Reconnect the power cable, and ONLY the power cable. If the protection light does not come back on you can then start  plugging back the input cables and applicable speaker cables.  It’s good to take it slow, when plugging back the speaker cables, it’s always good practice to check both the connection on the amp AND the speaker connection.

If you have one of our multi channel amplifiers, you may need to attach the speaker cables back zone by zone and confirm each zone is working before connecting the next zone. Since it only takes one zone to have a problem in order for the protection light to be engaged.

Now, if you boot the amp back up with nothing conected to it and it STILL stays in protect, then something is wrong with the amp and you will need to contact AudioControl tech support.  Via email here, or call 425-775-8461. We are open 8 am to 5 pm Monday thru Friday pacific standard time.

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