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DDC with DR-1

Digital Dash Control

The DDC is a remote-mountable control that connects to AudioControl digital processors like the DQTDQXDQS and DQXS via a 20’ cable.  This allows a user to control all functions of their AudioControl processor from another location either inside or outside the vehicle.  If more distance is required, the DDC also comes with the DR-1 which is a remote control that controls the functions of the DDC via IR (infrared).

Besides giving you the ability to remotely control all of the functions of your AudioControl digital processor, your DDC can also make a fashion statement. A user can select one of the cool looking display colors for their DDC and select a different color for the backlighting of the buttons. You can make your DDC look very hot…or kind of ugly if you are not careful.

Colors of DDC Display