A Visit To The AudioControl Factory

Greetings from the Pacific Northwest,

More than three decades ago a group of die-hard audio enthusiasts got together and formed a company based on making the world safe for performance audio systems. All too often audio enthusiasts pack high performance audio components into their homes and cars only to find that the acoustics of these environments negatively effect the results. AudioControl was founded as company to make measurement and correction products that would "make good stereo sound better".

Thirty years later, AudioControl continues to design and manufacture audio equipment for the reproduction of music in performance home and car audio systems and for the measurement of sound in professional systems. Our products are designed and manufactured at our factories located in the Pacific Northwest corner of the U.S. However, the government does require that we tell you that our products use parts that are produced both domestically and internationally.


AudioControl products are for enthusiasts who generally take a little more than average time to learn what equipment is available. For both the car and home stereo markets, these products are known as signal processors such as equalizers, crossovers and special products. These are niche products sold through specialty distribution as opposed to mass distribution. An increasing part of our company's business is custom home theater and multi-room audio systems.

Over the last decade our company has been growing rapidly. Though still a small company, AudioControl now sells products in three major markets (car, home and professional) in twenty-six countries. Major international markets included: Canada, Mexico, Germany, Malaysia, United Kingdom, Benelux, Indonesia, Thailand, Japan, Austria, Philippines, Australia and Singapore. Our reputation is that of a company which produces high quality products with good value that are technologically superior resulting in enthusiastic customers.

If you find yourself in the Pacific Northwest and want to stop by for a tour of our manufacturing facility just give us a call.
     Your Friends At AudioControl