Seattle, WA – AudioControl, the industry leading manufacturer of high performance car audio signal processors and amplification, announced they will be exhibiting their full range audio products at the 2015 Mobile Electronics Knowledgefest in Dallas, August 15th to 17th, Booth #129. Featured in their booth will be their newly released, award winning subwoofer amplifiers based around The Epicenter® bass restoration technology.


The Epicenter® 600 and 1200 Demonstrate That “Everything Else Is Just An Amplifier”

The Epicenter® 600 and The Epicenter® 1200 are already shaking up the world of amplification as these powerful new amplifiers simply do more than any other amplifier with built in processing and a true high current design. To highlight this level of performance, AudioControl will have on display a special demo vehicle built that showcases The Epicenter® 1200 and AudioControl’s best selling OEM processor the DQ-61.

AudioControl will be displaying their complete line of OE Integration processors including the best selling LC2i active line level processor with AccuBASS, the LC7i six channel processor with summing, and the DQ-61 digital sound processor with AccuBASS, Linkwitz-Riley crossover, equalization and time alignment capabilities.

With an exciting addition to their professional audio category, AudioControl will also debut its new SA4100i direct connect iOS microphone plus the AudioControl’s new Mobile Tools app that will assist mobile specialists in their installations and calibrations.

“AudioControl continues its legacy of Making Good Sound Great with innovative forward thinking ideas and products”, commented Chris Bennett, National Sales Manager – Mobile. “Interacting with dealers at KnowledgeFest provides us the information we need as a manufacturer to provide the best audio solutions and grow our customers business with the best audio products. Our conversations during this time will lead us to create future products and solutions that help store owners, installers and our industry as a whole! ”

About AudioControl

AudioControl is a U.S. designer and manufacturer of the highest quality home theater processors and amplifiers, distributed audio amplifiers, car audio, signal processors and precise analysis products, celebrating nearly four decades of ‘making good sound great’. The company’s headquarters, including research and development, manufacturing, production, and training facilities continue to thrive in Seattle, Washington heart of the rainforest of the Pacific Northwest.

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AudioControl: Chris Kane 425-775-8461

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